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About Us

We help You master the serious business of medicine.


We help You master the serious business of medicine.


Who We Are

First and foremost, AAMM is a professional association for medical professionals, such as Physician Recruiters and Physician Practice Managers. We strive to provide the most valuable, up-to-date education and career tools available for our members and clients.

Pioneering the industry in 1987, The American Academy of Medical Management has served as a premier educational and consulting resource in the U.S. healthcare professionals.

Our acclaimed online & live seminar programs and industry standard credentials have helped tens of thousands of medical professionals enhance their careers by becoming more knowledgeable, skilled, and confident in their jobs.​

This in turn has helped the medical facilities they work at to successfully adapt to ongoing changes and new challenges, while operating more effectively, efficiently and profitably.​​


What We Do


  • Provide Professional Membership for professionals who are dedicated to their careers and their field. Members enjoy member-only perks and benefits.
  • Access to helpful tips and ideas for medical practice professionals, links to useful industry resources, and a number of exceptional benefits for job seekers, as well as managers who are looking to hire physicians and staff.
  • Social networking community open to healthcare management employees.


  • Live seminars taught in world class destinations and online learning available in the comfort of your own home.
  • Practice Management Intensive Training
  • Practice Management Boot Camp
  • Physician Recruitment Intensive Training
  • Customized in-house educational programs
  • Self-study web videos, books and class materials
  • Trusted source of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Continuing Medical Education Units (CMEs)


  • Awarding of credentials and the maintenance of national professional standards.
  • Highly-valued credentials, such as our Certified Physician Practice Manager and Certified Medical Staff Recruiter certifications, identify those who are at the top of their field.


Core Values

AAMM strives...

  • To be known for its excellence in teaching by providing both providers and managers with the highest possible quality instruction and resources that is appropriate for both clinicians and administrators; and in an environment which is conducive to the act of learning.​​
  • To maintain national recognition for the development of all encompassing sessions instructing physician and management ​attendees in all aspects of the field of medical practice management.​
  • To serve the nation through the design and delivery of applied programs involving both private industry and government agencies.
  • To cooperate with various institutions and the utilization of their expertise to develop a series of educational programs and enduring materials which fill the void in instructing the medical community in all aspects of financial management, stability and accountability of a practice or health care facility.
  • To encourage and foster the learning experience through a series of intensive educational sessions utilizing lectures and group work, both of which are lead by exemplary faculty from around the nation.
  • To serve as a source of information and expertise to help the medical community understand the major financial issues surrounding the health care industry.
  • To be a responsible and responsive provider of in-depth exceptional education for physicians and executives at varying levels of management expertise.