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Physician Recruitment Sourcing Demands Balanced Approach

Sourcing is the process of identifying interested and qualified physicians and non-physician providers who meet your criteria so you can recruit the total number of providers needed according to your schedule. Typically, organizations have conducted sourcing through such strategies as electronic job boards, data bases, social media, advertising, networking through residency, fellowship programs and medical…

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Physician Recruitment Fraught with Pitfalls

Many hospitals, clinics and managed care companies have established in-house physician recruitment and retention programs but are going about it the wrong way, according to Roger G. Bonds, CEO of the American Academy of Medical Management and President of the National Institute of Physician Recruitment and Retention in Atlanta, speaking at a seminar held in…

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Physician Contracts – Some Are Abusive

Over the past 25 years, I’ve reviewed more than 1,700 physician contracts from over 2,500 hospitals and practices, in dozens of specialties, from all 50 states, DC, several U.S. territories, Canada, Europe and Asia. I also write or re-write contracts for practices and hospitals. Some of these contracts are incredibly bad. That brings up my…

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Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes in Developing Your In-House Recruitment Program

In previous issues we have reviewed several of the major mistakes for in-house physician recruitment, and based on the response from readers, these “problems” have affected hundreds of healthcare organizations.  When we teach this type of material at our in-house recruitment training programs, we are often asked by administrators which of the major mistakes is…

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Perspectives on Physician Recruitment Certification

When I was a hospital VP many years ago, there was no recognized profession for the in-house physician recruiter.  Part of my background had been in higher education as director of admissions for a University.  We recruited night students, graduate students and undergraduate students.  Back then Dr. Joseph Gold taught me how to recruit and…

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Physician Employment and Partnership Contract Pitfalls

Whether you’re just completing your training or have been in practice for years, you must be extremely careful to ensure your contract is fair and equitable. Contracts have changed significantly in recent years, and some are written to only protect the employer or new partners. Here are some of the major pitfalls: Get Paid What…

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