Medical Staff Development Certificate

The Industry Standard Certification for Medical Staff Development

Employee Certification

Encouraging your employees to carry the Associate in Medical Staff Development credential guarantees that they will keep current on the most pressing demands in medical management. The American Academy of Medical Management is proud to offer our members this prestigious credential. This certification means dedication, top-notch education, and increased bottom line.

How does this work?

  1. Submit your application
  2. Pass the examination
  3. Meet the education & experience criteria
  4. Stay current on your CEU requirements
  5. Enjoy the benefits!

Certification Initial Processing Fee



This fee is included in our Intensive Training + Certification programs.

Certification Renewal

​All credential holders must be recertified every three years to verify that the individual has kept current with continuing education and professional experience.

For convenience, your recertification fee of $289 is rolled into your monthly membership subscription.


Associate in Medical Staff Development


Your Foot in the Door and More Money in Your Pocket. This AMSD Credential Means You Are a Certified Medical Staff Professional.



  • Current employment in one or more areas of medical staff development.
  • At least two years experience in medical staff development, whether full or part-time.
  • Over the past two years any combination of experience and continuing education units (CEU), professional contributions, awards and professional designations totaling 16 units

Units are measured as follows:

  • Experience Units: One unit for each quarter year full-time equivalent.
  • Continuing Education Units: One unit for each accepted 6 hours of instruction (no limit on the number of units).
  • Professional Contributions: One unit for each hour taught or each full page published (up to 2 total units).
  • Awards & Professional Designations: Up to 2 units.
  • Association Membership: Up to 2 units.
  • Current membership in the American Academy of Medical Management.

Note: Medical Staff Development is a term broadly used for non-clinical activities. It is primarily the “business side of medicine”, but does cover some related areas, such as working with physicians and or other medical providers in providing medical education, medical records, etc. However, the term is not defined to include true clinical areas, such as patient treatment.