On-Site Custom Training

and CAPPM or CAMSR Certification


Custom Seminars Offered at Your Location

Your conference room is now a professional education center.

Choose from many of the topics listed below for your organization’s in-house educational program. We offer practice management and physician recruitment training. Additionally, feel free to inquire about any relevant subjects that are not listed.

We’ll be glad to put together the most cost-effective package for your needs. Call (770) 649-7150 for pricing or click the button below to schedule a free quote.

We can certify your staff at the end of the training program as either Certified Associate Physician Practice Manager (CAPPM) or Certified Associate Medical Staff Recruiter (CAMSR). Additionally, these hours will count toward all of our credentialing.

The American Academy is ready to present powerful, customized Practice Management and Physician Recruitment & Retention seminar programs right at your facility. On-site seminars teach everyone how to work together as a team in a more efficient and effective fashion.

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How Onsite Seminars Work

What You Can Expect

  1. A team of dynamic instructors with extensive real-world experience will come to you, offering the latest ideas, solutions and best practices in numerous aspects of medical management. Their straight-forward approach leads to fresh insights that can make all the difference.
  2. Every organization has issues, including financial stresses, in today’s uncertain economy. Your in-house continuing education program is carefully tailored for your individual needs, structure, and situation. So tell us, what are the stubborn, ongoing problems that have been breeding dissatisfaction and inefficiency in your organization? Let us know!
  3. Programs can be as brief or as extensive as you choose. Your staff members are encouraged to participate in a thorough assessment of problems, and are guided to options and answers for which they’ll take responsibility.
  4. Managers and employees get the high-level practice management training they need all at once, so they know their staff are taking advantage of outstanding custom education. Plus you’ll eliminate the travel expenses of individuals attending out-of-state seminars.
  5. Staff members can then discuss and reinforce what they learned together. Everyone being on the same page makes a huge difference in everyone’s buy-in for impactful and enduring operational improvements.
  6. Participants earn CEU units, and receive a Certificate of Completion, as well as their own notebook packed with timely, useful information and resources.

Topic Examples

Practice Management

Dramatically Improve Your Practice for Maximum Efficiency

Practice Essentials

  • Leveraging technology to improve collections and turn your denials into cash
  • ICD-10: Take advantage of the newest diagnosis coding
  • Marketing and customer service


  • How to select a successful technology solution
  • Pros and cons of cloud computing
  • Social media in your healthcare organization
  • Leveraging big data to improve outcomes and financial performance
  • Meaningful use: CMS audit

Finances: Physician Compensation for a Productive Medical Staff

  • Improving financial performances using benchmarking
  • Financial management: assessment and improvement
  • Employee embezzlement: how to find it, how to prevent it
  • Physician compensation


  • Essentials of human resources
  • Personnel management and employee incentive plans
  • Effective provider recruitment techniques
  • Aggressive background checks

Management Essentials

  • Medical management industry update
  • Avoiding (or surviving) an IRS audit
  • RVUs: A valuable practice management tool
  • Leadership, change and organization effectiveness

Your Future Practice

  • Physician/hospital collaboration strategies
  • Protect your practice and community with an emergency preparedness plan
  • Forward planning: Strategic, feasibility and business planning
  • Creating the practice for the future: Now what?


Physician Recruitment

How to Contract Compensate and Attract the Best Physicians

The Essentials

  • Understanding the recruitment and retention process

Finding Great Physicians

  • Sourcing for the best candidates and building your own database
  • Visual marketing: Your website, email, social media, advertising, direct mail and more!
  • Recruitment advertising ideas
  • Working with search firms

Physician Contracts & Compensation

  • Physician recruitment legal problems and recruitment policies
  • Physician recruitment contracts — thorough, legal and fair
  • Developing the offer and signing the deal
  • Physician compensation plans

Human Resources & Medical Employment

  • Applying human resources, interviews and background check standards
  • Site visit and interview: Make it exceptional!
  • Qualifying and screening out candidates
  • Aggressive background checks for your personnel

Understanding Physicians

  • Medical School, Residency, Fellowship & Specialty Board Certification, Part 1
  • Medical School, Residency, Fellowship & Specialty Board Certification, Part 2
  • Differences in recruiting residents, rural, female physicians, D.O.'s, and advanced practice providers

Planning & Operations

  • Manpower planning/physician needs analysis/medical staff development plans
  • Roll Up Your Sleeves: Managing and operating your recruitment program
  • Recruitment campaign planning
  • Creating your recruitment budget

Retention & Productivity

  • Physician/hospital collaboration strategies
  • On-boarding for recruitment and retention success
  • Physician retention of qualified and productive medical staff