Perspectives on Physician Recruitment Certification

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When I was a hospital VP many years ago, there was no recognized profession for the in-house physician recruiter.  Part of my background had been in higher education as director of admissions for a University.  We recruited night students, graduate students and undergraduate students.  Back then Dr. Joseph Gold taught me how to recruit and said to never forget that “recruitment is recruitment is recruitment. It’s all the same.”  So when I finished my masters and crossed over into healthcare. I was shocked to see the amateurish state that physician recruitment was in.  I was charged with growing the medical staff so I hired and trained my own in-house recruiters, created the first physician recruitment video and implemented many other so called innovations (that I simply took from other industries).  It worked extremely well.  Later we learned there were a handful of other in-house physician recruiters around the nation, but we just didn’t know each other back then.

During a three-year period, we training manuals for our recruiters and I started speaking and writing articles.  I also published my first book for the American Hospital Association and AMA.  Eventually I’d quit my hospital job and by 1992 we pioneered the complete program for the Certified Medical Staff Recruiter (CMSR), with established national guidelines and standards.  We also hired Dr. Stephen Osterlind to create our full certification program with the same standards and protocols as he did with various medical boards.  We made sure that the full CMSR program was beyond question and would be greatly respected by any recruiter’s employer. And today…we have certified thousands of recruiters on how to attract the best physicians faster, more efficiently and at far less cost.

The first requirements for this certification is current employment in the field, whether full time or part time as an in-house recruiter – a lot of us wear more than one hat.  Then once you apply, to become fully certified you must also have:

  • So many credit hours of instruction
  • Be a graduate of at least our week-long Physician Recruitment Intensive Training Program.  We have a 96% pass rate for those who take the examination at the end of the class. You’ll be very well prepared.
  • Be a member of the American Academy of Medical Management
  • And now or eventually  have two years physician recruitment experience.

But don’t get hung up on if you have all of these requirements already. Just get started by filling out a simple application. Go to our website at and click on credentials. We have a number of related credentialing programs – both fellowships and certifications. Complete the application and let’s get started!

So what is this going to do for you?  First of all, the majority of in-house recruiters don’t even get to go to a serious training program, much less achieve certification. Please know we are not a trade association funded by a number of exhibitors. We are a professional membership society, only here for you and your career.  Some people prefer to go to conferences with lots of socializing and exhibits. We appeal to a more serious professional – one who wants to invest in her or his career and get real results. And your increased income may prove just that.  But it’s not just about money. With our certification you’ll join an elite league of healthcare professionals who have the proven benchmark to show their current and future employers. You’ll be a noted professional with the pride and self-assurance of one who has achieved the ultimate. And, your employer will know that the American Academy of Medical Management has offered this certification, based on fully validated exams that have been created with the highest standards.
Physician Recruitment is challenging enough without our own self-made problems. Learn more about AAMM’s seminars and resources.

Roger Bonds is the founder of the American Academy of Medical Management and president of The National Institute of Physician Recruitment & Retention, based in Atlanta, GA. Find AAMM on FacebookLinkedIn, Twitter.and YouTube. Email AAMM at [email protected], or call their main office at 770-649-7150.