What some of our attendees had to say

What some of our attendees had to say

Absolutely loved it. Will be recommending this course for all of my Practice Managers. Information relevant and delivered in an engaging way that will afford me the skills to make improvements across several areas of our organization. Thank you!

Tove Skaftun, CAPPM Chief Operating Officer Community Health Center of Snohomish County December 6, 2018

Speakers were engaging and very informative- especially appreciated Jeffrey & Mary’s presentations. Learned lots!

Vickie Warren, CAPPM Director of Operations Susquehanna Health December 6, 2018

The speakers were wonderful, kept me very interested. The material was so informative and I came away with many great ideas.

Lisa Harmon, CAPPM Certified Practice Manager December 6, 2018

Awesome course. The section on contract writing was fantastic. The section on Medical School, Residency, Fellowship and Specialty Board Certification was also top notch and is a good intro on how physicians become physicians. It cleared up a lot of the ‘mystery’ in the terminology used so often.

John Bossingham Physician Recruiter Department of Veteran’s Affairs December 6, 2018

There is a ton of information that is very useful and will definitely be used when I return home. It is an amazing amount of information with so many topics covered. I learned many practical and logical techniques this week.

Pamela Spangenberg Physician Relations Specialist Memorial Healthcare System December 6, 2018

Best I think I have attended in my healthcare career. Extremely beneficial training. Very well laid out and all subjects/speakers were outstanding.

Lisa Miller, CAPPM Assistant Director of Operations Community Health Center of Snohomish County December 6, 2018

Roger and the other speakers are well prepared, informative, interesting and insightful. This my third AAMM seminar and I continue to learn, be revived and more motivated. The facility was also very good. Good meeting rooms, good breakfast, conference room, close to airport, cost-effective, close to local attractions. Thank you for another great learning experience!

Kevin Hockenberry, CMSR UPMC Altoona December 6, 2018

The program is intense and very informative. Keep what you have!

Willie F. Austin, CAPPM Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services December 6, 2018

I am now armed with information to get the most out of our recently hired recruitment agency. I can hardly wait to share this information with our CFO & CMO.

Joeclyn Bertsch HR Director Canyonlands Healthcare December 6, 2018

My first time was good, second time was great! All presenters were thorough and informative. Focused education was phenomenal. I received a lot of cutting-edge, comprehensive information to act on when I get home.

Jan Romrell Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center December 6, 2018

In a structured learning environment incorporating humor is a key to keeping people engaged and sharing your own stories and experiences. I felt this training was very much worth the $$$ and time. Thank you. I look forward to more of these.

Margie Cooper Coquille Valley Hospital December 6, 2018

Program was fantastic, very intense but I guess that is the name of the program! I intend to take the course again and take the certification exam. Thanks for helping prepare me for success.

Rich Crosby Physician Recruiter Hallmark Health System December 6, 2018

The instructors are dynamic and engaging. The intensive training sessions are vital for success in the market. The value to all of our hospitals and organizations will be recognized for years to come.

Jennifer Nickerson Emergency Consultants December 6, 2018

Most engaging and comprehensive course that is very specific to in-house recruiting, compensation, and physician employment. The program continues to evolve with the industry accordingly. This is truly the BEST experience for new personnel as well as senior management.

Kerry Ball, CMSR Network Physician Recruiter Sacred Heart Health System December 6, 2018

I came to the training with the goal of gaining new information to help me create/revamp our recruitment and retention plan. The faculty are dynamic and engaging. Not once did they lose my attention.

Amy Yokum, CMSR Medical Staff Liaison Davis Health System December 6, 2018

Great conference with lots of great information. I can tell you’ve done this once or twice.

Bailey Singleton Physician Recruiter Baylor Healthcare System December 6, 2018

This training was perfect for my needs. The binder will serve as my “Bible” for recruitment. Every bit of information was useful, and I look forward to sharing this content with my VP of Physician Services.

Ann Dupre, CMSR Marketing & Physician Relations Coordinator Terrebonne General Medical System December 6, 2018

The format and presentations were organized and presented in a manner where it was easily understood. I gained a lot of knowledge in a short period of time.

Nicola Cobb, CMSR Physician Relations Specialist Memorial Healthcare December 6, 2018

This program is a lighthouse for physician relations success! All instructors and presentations were professional and personable. You never stop learning.

Madeline Torres, CMSR Seventh Day Adventist Guam Clinic December 6, 2018

Excellent content! Thank you for a well organized and expansive educational offering.

Tracey Kuka-Aleshire, CMSR Sr. Physician Recruiter Community Health Centers of the Central Coast, INC December 6, 2018

I really liked the well-rounded topics. You touched on many, many diverse topics. The curriculum was very well thought out and flowed nicely.

Jeff Tredmeyer, CMSR Physician Recruiter December 6, 2018

I found this program to be an immensely valuable educational experience. There were expert presenters, high quality supporting documentation, and a highly collaborative learning environment.

Sarah Willingham, MPA, CMSR Medical Department Administrator Community Health Centers of the Central Coast, INC December 6, 2018

Great knowledge of new techniques, as well as strategies for recruitment and retention. The many new ideas for sourcing and marketing of the job will surely be put to use.

Chris Thanapoulis Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare December 6, 2018

The training was practical and full of real-life examples. Great in-depth information on many issues and topics. Nice to have the opportunity to ask industry experts questions and hear how our colleagues are handling situations.

Tiffanie Davis, CMSR Peace Health December 6, 2018

This is my second time attending, and I was surprised at how many new materials and developments there were in our industry.

Rikki Bishop, CMSR Physician Relations Coordinator BayCare Medical Group December 6, 2018

I’ve been working with physicians for 5 years. It was great to hear what works and what doesn’t work.

Rexanne Griffith, CMSR Physician Recruiter Hannibal Regional Hospital December 6, 2018